Subtle Steps of Courage


The Next Right Thing, kindle edition by Emily P Freeman.

In order for me to properly tell you about this book, The Next Right Thing written by Emily P Freeman, I, first, have to tell you about my wonderful friend, Rebbekah, that’s with two Bs.

Rebbekah, or Bekkah, has this awesome laugh, kinda starts like a little whisper and then crescendos into this charming giggle. She is a hot sauce queen, or really a salsa queen. I mean come on, Garden Salsa SunChips aren’t even spicy for her (wink wink Bonnie and Bekkah). She has great ideas, loves moving her body, and has this beautiful, shiny head of hair. She’s full of secret talents and one of my favorite people ever. She’s an incredible friend; everyone needs a Bekkah in their life. Oh and she’s an avid reader, especially when the book does the soul some good.

This dear friend of mine, whom I met way back when at Camp Zephyr, recommended The Next Right Thing. Well actually, Bekkah, correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe you recommended Emily P. Freeman’s podcast first (the friendship episode #95) and then the book. But, yeah, I was hooked, sending and sharing each podcast to friends, my Aunt Cindy, and well anyone.

Emily P. Freeman’s stories are relatable. We’ve all been there, frozen with fear, tired -scratch that- exhausted. She provides practical advice to help listeners find their next right step every Thursday on her podcast.

The Next Right Thing (book) takes its readers on a discovery of courage with subtlety and grace. Not all decisions are big fat ones that demand our attention, but sometimes it's the everyday decisions that wear us down, and we call the white flag. Emily P Freeman helps navigate and prepare us to avoid decision fatigue, anxiety, and fear. She, through lovely storytelling, guides you on a small path with small steps to courage and hope. She shares with the vulnerability that fuels my courage to be vulnerable. Reading each chapter is just like having coffee with Emily, or by chapter 5 you know her so well you’ve begun to call her Em.

I read this book as part of my morning devotion during quarantine (hello 2020). The format is segmented in quick, bite-size chapters, each with a next step action and a prayer. I clung to her words that reminded me when I’m halted and frozen with indecision or overwhelmed and not sure which path to take, I must make a decision that draws me closer to God. I must make a decision out of hope and not fear.

I highly, highly, highly recommend this book for anyone and everyone, but I especially recommend this book to my friends that are experiencing a big change or milestone in their life. She will help prepare you for the next right thing.

If you pick this one up or start listening to her podcast, oh please do let Bekkah and me know how you like it.

Love and gratitude,