Now Playing, a Medley


Walking by Henry David Thoreau stacked on top of CS Lewis’ On Stories

When writing, loads of successful writers advise readers and fellow writers to not listen to music while writing. But goodness, there’s something about a good playlist that can flip my mood, awaken my senses, and snap me out of that writer’s block.

So, as a gentle reminder, I wholeheartedly agree that writing with music can deceive writers and their work--imagining their words are more powerful, lyrical, and emotional than they actually are because music helps readers and film audiences get to that emotion. Tread carefully, I suppose, your words should carry the emotion.

But, I think during the first draft (or even the second and third), music helps me reach that particular emotional state of mind and leap beyond that nefarious writer’s block.

Cheers to music playlists that unlock mysteries of the heart and guide me to the words the story needs.


Trevor Kowalski and Dmitry Evgrafov make up about 90 percent of this list. This one is my go-to when laying on the floor with my eyes closed shut tight, daydreaming. There’s an element of starting gloomy but ending with a semblance of excitement. I typically outline and plot with this one in my ears. ON REPEAT at the moment as I’m knee deep and nose to grind in Anahuac Tales.



An instrumental sense of hope among the darkness, trudging through the swamp, and then finally stepping on firm ground. I usually start my nature walks and/or morning routines with this one.


We Just Broke Up

My dear friend, Bekkah, created this playlist for an alternate Valentine’s Day night. These lyrical, nostalgic, and bittersweet songs still hope for love and reminisce on the sweetness of a precious farewell. It’s interesting to hear the different perspectives on a break up--it doesn’t always have to be so ugly and loud. And hearing their perspectives opens up a whole round of dialogue in my writing.


First Friday

An ode to inspiring kindness and love.

On Fridays, the high school I work at plays music during the passing period. We LOVE Fridays. Some find the music annoying and too loud, but mostly the hallways are filled with some dancing, singing along, and a little pip in their steps. First Friday is homage to the Pandemic school year with split cohorts. Cohort B’s Fridays were actually on Tuesday because they only came to school on Mondays and Tuesdays. So we called Tuesday First Friday. Cohort C students’ Fridays were still on Fridays, so that didn’t change, but their mondays were thursdays. What a weird and surprising year. More on that later. So here is a little love note to that Pandemic Year and the wonderful, incredible people I meant.


I hope you find something inspiring in these beautiful songs. And just because some highly successful writer says to do this or that, well, you don’t necessarily have to do this or that. What I’m learning about the creative process is to each their own. Find what feels good to you.

Wishing you comfortable headphones and a quiet afternoon,

Thank you so much for reading about the songs I enjoy and the ones that pull me out of my safe shell.

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