I’m Starting a Book Club


A Sketch of Rosie with a bow and Birdie

Ahem, may I have your attention, please.


I have a small announcement. This will probably come to no surprise to you, but this book lover plans to start a brand new book club for 2021.

And I’m so excited about it. I love to read, sure, but I love to chat with people who love stories too. There’s a chance to develop an even deeper affection for stories from your insights, experiences, and love of those books. And this book club is my feeble attempt to bring book lovers in the same space (even if it’s online) and explore more and more stories together.

I hope the books we’ll read together inspire a bit of magic, a glimpse of light in the dark, a comfort so courageous, and a connection to each other. As predicted, I’ll keep it cozy and whimsical and kid appropriate.

So without further ado, I’m delighted to introduce to you The Stars for Buttons Monthly Book Club, starting January 2021.

I do hope you’ll join and read along.

Wishing you a peaceful Holiday and happiest of New Years,

You are welcome to sign up for The Stars for Buttons Monthly Book Club Here. Please reach out if you have any questions.