Hey There


In the sun at Acadia National Park, smiling and enjoying the view shot by Claudia Bowden.

Welcome to the open journal of JH Brattlof. So glad you're here.

You can call me Jordan.
or Jords for short
or Dan for shorter
or Mrs. Brattlof, for the wedding invite

Thank you for being here (I really cannot say that enough). In this space, you’ll find stories that wink to 8 yo me, holding onto that daydream of boldly and bravely cherishing the BIG in the small.

You know those people that can’t help but tell you about their favorite book, or they always have their nose deep in a book, magazine, instruction manual, anything with words. Yeah, you know, the ones compelled to share, read, and breathe stories.

Those people are my people.

Stories: stories about love, about redemption, about hope, and friendship, and a long awaited reward, about battles between right and wrong, about struggles, and ultimate tragedy. It’s stories that find the heart. And I have a responsibility to the human heart.

That’s where this blog comes in. Beyond just practicing the art of writing, these journals aim to share stories, practice empathy, inspire delight, and say thank you where it’s due. These stories pay homage to me as a small kid with a wild imagination and in desperate need of a good adventure.

C.S. Lewis, On Stories. Writing Stories for Children.C.S. Lewis, On Stories. Writing Stories for Children.

My fictional works aim to the hearts of children. Writing children’s literature allows me to see the world with curious eyes, breaking my routines, and learning something new about myself, the people around me, and the world I live in. I can feel myself growing as I explore confusing, often contradicting, themes of friendships, joy, and depression, stress, and patience through the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time. Empathy is my true aim.

I’m thrilled to introduce this blog and thus myself to you. Odds are we’ve already met, and I’m desperately waiting to see you again. But in case I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you (yet!) and learning your go-to ‘tell me something good’ story, I’m excited to learn it and excited you’re here.

I welcome you to fall a little deeper into your seat; sip sip on your go-to drink, and enjoy the read. Thank you for sharing a piece of your day with me!

For His Glory,