Dear Left Ear

The Better to Hear You With


Dad, Hannah, and Tyler having a late night conversation on the porch.

Dear left ear:

I do hope you are enjoying the things you’re hearing today. I hope this letter finds you in the most uplifting mood; I hate to see you droopy because you make my life much more positive. In fact, you make life so much more than just positive; you bring reality to my day, music to my brain, sweet love words straight to my heart. Thank you for all you do for me.

I’m sorry, left ear. I’m sure you heard my outrageous declaration in regards to your size and inability to stay hidden. Please forgive my rudeness and ignorance. Your size is nothing to ridicule but in fact is worthy of praise. All the better to hear you with. Your grand size helps me express a certain sweetness and tenderness that my words can’t express, as I tuck my hair behind you, graze the floor with my eyes, unaware that I’m smiling. You help me tell a story. I’m sorry for the cruel words I spoke. I’ve since been enlightened and have a much deeper appreciation for you, left ear.

Bryan and Jordan laughing on the dancefloor.At the Burt's gorgeous home, posing with Paige's flowers and getting ready for the wedding

I’m also sorry for ever complaining about motion sickness. The work you and right ear do together is fascinating and amazing! Y’all should be so proud of the work you do and the contribution you make to the body. You keep me balanced ALL day long! What an incredible feat?! I’m sure a rock the boat series, or windy roads, or even those plane rides long ago, can make things very confusing. Keep up the good work! I’ll try my best to do what I can to help prevent an upheaval of stomach goods.

Thank you for carrying my pearl stud day and night. Thank you for keeping my hair at bay during long work days (and nights). Thank you for all you hear and pass along to the rest of our little community of organs and parts. Thank you for gifting me with the sounds of music and Bryan’s quiet laughter as he reads A Gentleman in Moscow.

Hey, thanks, left ear.

P.S. I’m sorry for not putting sunscreen on you, yesterday. You deserve to be protected. I hope your recovery is speedy and smooth.