A Photo a Day


Me standing in a mirror ready to start this photo challenge.

For the last month, my sister and I snatched up our heavy but awesome cameras and ... partook in a fun, super random photo challenge. It was exciting and I typically don’t do well with monthly challenges that aren’t my idea.

In case I haven’t mentioned it yet, Hannah (and the rest of my very much missed family) live in Texas, and I’m way up here in New England. So this little photo challenge was a great way for Han (Hannah) and I to stay up-to-date with each other and inject some much needed creativity into our days.

We snagged this photo challenge off of Pinterest (I think). There’s more than a barrel full of challenges to choose from, so have at it, friend.

Below is just a sample of the photos I snapped.

In case you want to try out this Daily Photo Challenge with us for yourself, here’s the breakdown of the daily snapshots:

  1. Self Portrait
  2. Someone You Love
  3. Your Favorite Place
  4. What Makes You Happiest
  5. A Beverage
  6. What You Wore
  7. Mornings
  8. Evenings
  9. Nature
  10. Technology
  11. An Accessory
  12. What You Ate
  13. Felt Cute, Might Delete
  14. Memories in the Making
  15. Something Funny
  16. What’s to my Right
  17. Now Playing
  18. What I’m Procrastinating On
  19. What I Can’t Wait To Do
  20. In Motion
  21. At Rest
  22. Thankful
  23. What Inspires Me
  24. Made Me Smile
  25. Beautiful View
  26. Reflection
  27. In My Bag
  28. The Weather Today
  29. Something Shiny
  30. My Shadow
  31. Free Space

Day 1: Self Portrait

A picture of me standing in a mirror

We started off with a self portrait. That’s right, folks--a self-portrait! I was expecting that one maybe by day 8. So I conjured all my day 1 creativity and, whelp, got this guy. I think this is a go-to photographer pose, huh?

Day 4: What Makes You Happiest?

An incomming Face-Time call with Hannah

The people I love make me the happiest--but again this little challenge is meant to make me think outside the box.

Day 5: A beverage

Writing in my idea-book (coffee in hand)

I suppose I’m about as predictable as February snow days in New England. Coffee is my beverage, but I wanted to sneak in a surprise, an afternoon tea. I just love the way tea bags hang out of tea cups. This one features Bryan’s golden repair. After dropping my favorite mug in the sink and shattering it into pieces, Bryan used edible gold dust and food grade super glue to piece it all back together. It’s beautiful and my favorite for all its cracks.

Day 7: Mornings

Open book with coffee in hand as the morning sun pours in.

Day 8: Evenings

My e-reader with coffee in hand as the sun's rays pour in.

Both Day 7 & Day 8 look pretty much the same. These bookends are slow and full of intent.

Day 11: An accessory

My absolutly ancient watch I bought from Fossil

This watch.

Day 13: Felt Cute, Might Delete

A picture of me recording for 'Arbor Fall Festival'

(plot twist--didn't delete)

Hiding behind our blue yeti. I could easily have called this one Day 18 and 19. I’m procrastinating but extremely excited to start working with audible again. It’s been awhile, and I need to build a quieter studio to really start producing.

Day 14: Memories in the making

My e-reader opened to 'The Secret Lake'

Reading with Stars for Buttons has been such a joy and amazing surprise. The books we’ve read this year are full of adventure, kindness, and that young reader sweetness. I’ve loved every moment of this book club and I love the memories we’re making together in sharing these stories and characters with one another. Featuring my new sleek Kindle Oasis. IT’S AMAZING.

Day 17: Now Playing

Me listening to Louisa May Alcott’s An Old-Fashioned girl

Louisa May Alcott’s An Old-Fashioned girl

My goodness, I must really like my sweater from Urban Outfitters; I wear it a lot.

Day 23: What Inspires me

The beautiful Rhode Island beaches

This one can be combined with day 9. I love my walks around the block and my dives into pretend Narnia on the hiking trail. I’m most inspired by nature. Longfellow and Thoreau style.

Day 24: Made me Smile

My coffee and banana kinda looks like a wink ... if you wink

My morning coffee and banana kinda makes out the shape of a winking face ... if you wink.

Day 25: Beautiful View

Two dogs playing on the beach in Rhode Island

I hope you enjoyed the view.

I almost didn’t post this little update because I hadn’t actually finished the challenge, but I think that future-me will appreciate the compassion I gave myself. And more so, future-me will appreciate documenting life even though it wasn’t perfect or completed. It’s a learning in public kind of thing. Not all my shots are well balanced or framed appropriately, but I learned a lot from this little challenge.

And best of all, I got to share this journey with Han. And each day (nearly) we updated one another and the happenings of our life.

Thanks for reading!

Wishing you all the free spaces in the world,